Lizzo Reacts To Being Referenced In ‘South Park’ Episode

Lizzo recently took to TikTok to react to a new “South Park” episode that referenced her attitude toward body positivity amid the surge in popularity of Ozempic and similar weight loss methods.

“Guys, my worst fear has been actualized: I’ve been referenced in a South Park episode. I’m so scared,” Lizzo said before doing a side-by-side live viewing of the “South Park” episode titled “The End of Obesity.”

In the “South Park” episode, a doctor says, “I’m going to write you a prescription for Lizzo. She’s a really good singer who talks about body positivity, and just being happy with the way you look. I want you to listen to Lizzo five times a day, and watch her videos just before bedtime. I’m afraid you’ll have to be on Lizzo for the rest of your life.”

One user says they were “feeling so ashamed of myself” before being prescribed the FDA-approved Lizzo, which “makes you feel good about your weight.” “Seventy percent of patients on Lizzo no longer care how much they weigh,” the faux-Lizzo ad claims. “Ask about the power of not giving a f**k with Lizzo.”

“That’s crazy. I just feel like, damn, I’m really that bitch,” Lizzo says on TikTok. “I really showed the world how to love yourself and not give a f**k to the point where these men in Colorado know who the f**k I am and put it on their cartoon that’s been around for 25 years.”

“I’m really that bitch and I show y’all how to not give a f**k and I’ma keep on showing y’all how to not give a f**k,” she continued, before singing a jingle that presumably was supposed to be the fake “Lizzo medication” jingle based on the Ozempic jingle, but honestly sounds a whole lot more like the “Oh oh oh O’Reilly” auto parts jingle.

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